Kygo and Sasha Sloan have come together for new track ‘I’ll Wait’. For me, I think this could be one, if not Kygo’s best record yet. But, it is a joint effort with both artists providing a lot of quality to the final product.

‘I’ll Wait’ is a dance anthem and I imagine it would be spinning in every club at the moment if we were not all stuck at home. Nevertheless, once the lockdown goes, it would not surprise me to see this one making playlists across dance basements and Ibiza hideouts. Vocally, Sasha Sloan greets the occasion perfectly. Her singing talent has no limits, and she delivers a divine performance here. Pat yourself on the back Sasha because I have not heard a better vocal than this all year.

Anthem Provider

Kygo has a reputation for being an anthem provider. He has worked with some of the greatest singers in the world over the last few years, and his catalogue is full of bangers. It appears he is showing no sign of slowing with his career going from strength to strength. There is a similarity to the late Avicii on this track, and if you did not know differently, you could easily mistake this for the ‘Wake Me Up’ Dj.

The Norwegian DJ, Kygo has a knack for producing killer melodies. He follows Avicii in that sense, and ‘I’ll Wait’ is no exception. Generally, the track follows a similar structure to the majority of his other records, but why change something which works so well?

Overall, ‘I’ll Wait’ is a summer hit for sure. It would sound even more incredible sitting on a beach drinking an ice-cold cocktail. Well, there is always next year.

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Emily Harris