Lewis Capaldi is probably one of the most talked-about pop stars on the planet at the moment. Not just because of his great music but because he is an entirely open book.

There is not much the world does not know about the ‘Someone You Loved’ singer who uses Instagram to share his stories with the world. But, it is not just social media where he provides us with inside gossip. As a result, in a new documentary all about his life, he has told us how he was a mistake.

You may be thinking, a mistake, what? Well, his Dad had a vasectomy which did not work, and the result of that bodged surgery was the hitmaker himself. The news of his birth was saddening to his parents, who wanted to stop at three kids. They probably had enough with three lads but Lewis was born.


Speaking on the Youtube Originals ‘Birthday Song’, Lewis said: “You should’ve seen my Dad, he was really sad. My mum was even more sad.” I bet they are not sad now. They have brought up a bright lad who improves the lives of millions every day with his music.

You could not make this up. Lewis Capaldi is here everybody thanks to a botched vasectomy his Dad had. Maybe, his surgeon did it deliberately because he knew what was in store? Doubtful, but that surgeon should get an award himself for letting this all happen.

You can watch YouTube Originals ‘Birthday Song’ on YouTube now.

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Emily Harris