Liam Gallagher is desperate to get his beloved Oasis back on track. We can see why. They were a massive band in their time, and they are attracting just as many new fans now as they did in their heyday.

But, would it be the same if they came back? Well, we are confident that they would sell out stadiums and the reunion would be exciting. Also, with both Liam and Noel still delivering stand out tracks, the new music they create would probably be incredible too. However, should bands like Oasis leave the box closed? I think it is a wise choice. They have both moved on now with their careers, and it would be like going back to an angry ex-girlfriend. Let’s face it, they split up due to rifts in the band, most likely caused by exaggerated egos. Therefore, if the personality clashes are still the same (Which they probably are), then chances are it will head to the same place.

Nevertheless, I would not shy away from blagging a ticket if they do put the wheels back in motion. I can only imagine how biblical it would be listening to them playing the ‘(What’s the Story) Morning Glory?’ album to thousands of rock thirsty fans. Also, it appears they would not be doing it for the money with Liam claiming that all money made from an Oasis reunion will go to the NHS. In some ways, it sounds like a win-win to me. Well, maybe not for Noel who still has no intention of teaming up with his brother once again. Also, if the Manchester One Love concert was not enough to entice him back, I doubt anything will. Unless his career goes pear-shaped, then it will be his only option. But time will tell.

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George Millington