Liam Gallagher is a bit of loud character (understatement) in the rock world. But, it is what makes him so unique and great as a frontman. We would not want it any other way. Otherwise, the ’90s would have probably been rather dull.

Nevertheless, the ex oasis singer turned solo artist is now playing down his feud with Damon Albarn. Firstly he is stating that it did not exist and is also insisting that even if it did, it was never because of a girl. The revelation comes after his brother Noel publicly noted that the feud between the two rival indie bands was all because of a woman.

Liam Gallagher Pals With Damon

Wow, so who is telling the truth? To be honest, who knows. It is hard to keep up with the lot of them. However, Liam has hit back at the statement that he claims is false. He said that he and Damon of Blur have always been pals and it was Noel who began the feud when he wished that Damon and Alex James would get AIDS. In all fairness, that is a little below the belt Noel.

Furthermore, the ‘Rock And Roll’ star has shunned pretty much every comment Noel has made in recent weeks. Speaking about the cocaine incident, he also said that he has never done cocaine with any of the blur lot also, that he believes that Noel needs to step up his game and stop making false accusations.

Nevertheless, there is an advocate for Noel’s story. The advocate is also a pretty reliable source having managed the band during their heyday. Speaking about the comments, Alan McGee did quote in a book that ‘There was a situation with a girl’. Let’s face it; they were all probably absolutely off their heads in the ’90s, therefore maybe even they do not remember what happened.

George Millington