Ah, to be part of the rich and famous, they don expensive designer gear, drive flash cars and live in massive houses. Wait, a second, do they? Well, since the COVID-19 lockdown we have all been getting an insight into pop stars home. To be honest, their homes are not that far away from your average setup.

In fact, from watching multiple live streams over the past few weeks, I have come to the conclusion that even some of the worlds most notable chart-toppers live in fairly standard setups. Yeah, they are not bad homes in any form of the imagination. But, they do not contain the extravagant features you would expect. Some celebrities even have messier bedrooms and houses than your average joe. I am dropping no names here (Charlie Puth with his messy bed).

Plant Lovers

For me, it is refreshing to see the down to earth side of the top tier of musicians. They are no different from the majority of us, to be honest. But, one thing they do all seem to like is flowers. Lots of the celebrities performing for Global Citizen seemed to have found a lifetime supply of green accessories with their houses covered in plants. Maybe this is a secret to them writing loads of number one hits? Well, of course not but it is uncanny that they all love plants (lots of them).

Also, something else I am picking up on in recent weeks is that they love books. The next time you are watching a celebrity on a live stream, notice how many books they have behind them. I have seen this countless times now and seems to be a common trend amongst the elite. Whether they read them is a different story.

Yes, they are probably hiding their super expensive features because that is a bit of a kick in the teeth for all those suffering financially during these times. But, still. So, if there is anything we have learnt during these crazy times, it is that the worlds most significant pop stars homes are not too dissimilar to your typical home abode. Good on them.

Emily Harris