Liam Gallagher is back with his new melancholy track, ‘All You’re Dreaming Of‘. It is a track which delves into the softer side of the singer, although I doubt he will like reading that given his rock star hard man imagine which he boasts. However, it appears, he is a little softy at heart with his new release piercing the heartstrings from the instant.

From the first listen, I could hear a substantial similarity to the Oasis release ‘Let There Be Love‘. Also, it has a Beatles influence which pops out from the get-go. Although, this is probably not a surprise given how much John Lennon influences his music.

Vocally, Liam Gallagher sounds pretty damn strong here. Also, he hits all the notes with conviction, leaving no ambiguity with his message. Additionally, he ditches the gritty vocal sound which he has been pushing out for the last few years. For me, a wise choice!

Christmas Advert

Musically, the entire piece is gentle and flows with a passion which many believe should be the soundtrack to a Christmas advert. Well, it would not surprise me to hear this making its way onto an ad soon. Either the original or sung by an angelic female vocalist, that is pretty much the trend these days, right?

As the track progresses, an orchestral arrangement leaps up from the underground, and the piano lead becomes even more profound. So much so, once it comes to the closing stages, it makes us feel empowered and influences us to get another fix.

Overall, excellent delivery from Liam Gallagher. Although, it did take me a few listens to start digging it. At first, I was expecting something a little rockier. But, I have succumbed to the festive serenity, and it is now the perfect record for me during the winter months.

You can check it out below.

Emily Harris