Rkid has been causing mischief again, this time by sparking rumours of a potential Glastonbury 2019 headline slot. Liam Gallagher tweeted the festival organisers Michael and Emily Eavis after performing at Pilton Party, a smaller festival put on to thank the villagers of Pilton for accommodating the mothership of UK festivals.

‘Big thanx to the ever delightful Michael and Emily eavis for last night see you both nxt year as you were LG x’. HINT HINT.

Glastonbury 2019 follows this year’s fallow year which gave the fields a well-deserved break from the thousands of wellies which flood (literally) the farm every year. With 24 months to prepare since we were last rocking out to Radiohead, Foo Fighters and Ed Sheeran in 2017, the 2019 lineup is sure to be WILD. Names currently being batted about include Madonna, Kylie Minogue, Paul McCartney and Kendrick Lamar.

Liam Gallagher has performed at a ton of festivals throughout the summer, including a sold out headline gig at Finsbury Park and this wouldn’t be the first time he’d have the pleasure of performing the Pyramid stage. Oasis headlines back in ’95 and 2004 but since the band’s split in 2009 and the constant shade that’s thrown from one to the other, it’s up for debate whether Liam’s cryptic message suggests a solo performance or the most wanted reunion of all time.

One fan @Danny147 tweeted Liam asking, “Any chance of an oasis reunion anytime soon?” to which the former Oasis frontman responded, “I’m up for it anytime the other felas Mrs won’t let him as it’s too rowdy for her she’s app POSH”. It’s no secret the Gallagher brothers aren’t on the best of terms, with Liam often taking to twitter to rant about his bro but where better to get the fam back together than the Pyramid?

Whilst we’re still being kept in the dark as to whether we’ll get one Mancunian legend or two, it would no doubt be an absolutely biblical set. Flares at the ready.


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George Millington