Plymouth-based Spanish guitarist, Edward McCarten, has now released his new sumptuous single ‘Senioretta’, which elegantly and intricately exhibits his talent as he delivers the beautiful, delicate sound of Spanish guitar.

Edward McCarten is a highly creative individual,that is plainly clear when you hear the clear and crisp way in which plays.  But, he is a truly creative soul, because as well as being a working musician, he has a background in fine art and printmaking.  He has developed and carefully crafted his original material while playing as a resident musician at a local Spanish restaurant in Plymouth, UK.  The perfect ground to build upon his musical catalogue.  Lyrical, natural and clean in his delivery, McCarten oozes talent and all the bearing of an artist that pours his personal passion into every note.

Classical guitarwork is for the musician’s musician, as well as the average listener.  However, the demand and precision that is required to execute it is high and garners huge respect and appreciation from other musicians for the dedication to the craft.  And, you hear all of that assiduity and diligence to create a lush and sumptuous world to inhabit as he plays through this new single.  The flavour is there, without being too heavy on the palate and encouraging you to take another bite.  Over and over, as you follow the languid tones of the guitar.  It is all at once refreshing yet soothing.

‘Senioretta’ is a piece of music that strikes a fine and level balance between light classical and Spanish flamenco guitar.  The arrangement instantly feels inviting,  intimate and peaceful. Edward’s playing could be considered the perfect accompaniment to a summer stroll or a morning coffee break.  If you enjoy classical guitar  music, then Edward McCarten’s new single ‘Senioretta’ will be one to watch in 2018.

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George Millington