Scottish indie outfit, Lilac Melt, are on the brink of releasing their debut EP and their self-titled release is sure to strike the exact right chord with current fans of the band but also drafting in new ones as well.  And, for good reason.

Formed in Edinburgh earlier this year, Lilac Melt are a Scottish/Greek band who create dream pop without being ambient that is both well-crafted and cleverly arranged.  The songs are drafted into expansive atmospheres coupled with stunning, luminous melodies, narrating stories of both singular and collective, something for everyone to find a place in.  And, that is what you are looking for in a band, something to connect to.

Having successfully released their debut single, ‘Oxidise’ in June, the band are now set to take their music even further with the release of their new EP, which is due out soon.

And, on the EP, you hear the band’s music really thrive and grow into its own with this EP.  With layer upon layer of sounds, that are dipped and drenched in atmospheric reverb, this is indie music reimagined and creating complexities for the listener to truly delve into.  There is an ethereal quality that has dreamscape overtones but also something to attach to.  It isn’t industrial but lyrical and engaging.  It hovers on the edges of a few genres but without taking root, so you can assign it to where it works for you.

So, if a fresh, vibrant sound is what you are after, this is where you do not take a pause but follow this band with intention, you will be glad that you did; their debut album is sure to shine this autumn. 

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FACEBOOK:  @lilacmelt

TWITTER:  @LilacMelt

INSTAGRAM:  @lilacmeltband

George Millington