Lime Juice drop indie track ‘Quietude’, and it ticks all the right boxes for anyone who loves nostalgic indie fused with contemporary hooks.

Taking the opener is a delightful guitar rhythm which rings out on top of a robust drum beat. It kicks off as it means to go on with plenty of energy screaming out. I could not help but draw similarities to the likes of Tame Impala on this release with many influences from this type of indie poking out.

Nevertheless, the group cleverly add a unique stamp onto this already great sound, furthermore developing the music into a unique cocktail of all things fabulous. Also, vocally, the group excel with their vocal hooks catching like a fisherman’s pole and a melody which you will find challenging to keep at bay.

The verse is delivered gently, but the chorus comes with all guns blazing with the vocals picking up speed and force as well as the instrumental section thumping away. The group also add in surprise hooks in places with a guitar lead taking the focal point once the chorus ends and a jazzy piano making the mix at times too.

Overall, ‘Quietude’ is one of the most exquisite indie tracks I have heard in recent times. The group bring something new to the table here, and they step everything up massively towards the latter part of the track with the song progressing into a noble gem. Nevertheless, I believe the bridge part towards the end elongates for slightly too long, and I think pulling it back somewhat, could have added even more wonder to the track. But, I cannot fault the musicianship with all members adding plenty of flavour to the already top-quality piece.

So wait no longer, you can listen to ‘Quietude’ by Lime Juice below.

Colby Morrel