Over the last few months, I have read many reports and concerns that live gigs will never return to how they were. In some ways, I agree, but not for the reasons many indicate. For me, I believe it will bounce back better than ever before.

We have learnt during lockdown that musicians can carry out gigs online through live streaming and videos. But what we also learnt is that it is just not the same. Although you know it is live, it does not give you the feeling you was there. Also, it is no replacement to being knee-deep in mud, swigging stale lager and watching your favourite artist deliver their magnificent set. It just doesn’t compare.

Also, live gigs are not just about music. It is the intimacy within the crowd, the feeling that you are in a group of like-minded music fans. It is just far more exciting than sitting at home watching musicians play their tracks on YouTube. Therefore, I believe that many will be jumping at the chance to get back out to see live music. Once the live music industry gets back on its feet and is safe to join thousands of other music spectators in one place, people will jump at it. I speak to countless music fans daily, and I have not met one yet who is not looking forward to festivals and gigs resuming. As a result, I believe that more people will be heading out than ever before.


Also the same can be said for musicians. Musicians who have been stuck inside during lockdown will be itching to get back out and play. In general, musicians rely heavily on the revenue they receive from playing live shows. It is a critical component to them making a living. As a result, performing live makes up around 75% of a musicians income these days. Sadly, COVID-19 has prevented performers from gracing the stage. Therefore, take lockdown out of the equation, and there could be more gigs than we have seen previously in recent years while musicians try to recoup their losses.

Many will argue that COVID-19 could bring a recession. Which could prevent people from buying tickets? But, I do not think it will have too much of a damaging effect. Fans will still manage to get tickets for the artists they admire, and as long as ticket prices do not increase massively, the music should start playing again and louder.

Live music will never die. It has been around for over a hundred thousand years and has survived countless global crises since day dot. Also, if anything, it is uniting us more now than it has ever done before. We only need to look at the recent ‘Global Citizen: One World Together At Home’ concert as proof. More than a quarter of a billion people globally tuned in to the historic event. What does this tell us? People relish live music, and a Coronavirus pandemic isn’t going to change that.

George Millington
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