London Grammar return with their new single ‘Baby Its You’. No, it is not a cover of ‘The Shirelles’ track which goes by the same title which was later covered by ‘The Beatles’. Although I did expect it to be when I saw the new release title. Also given that London Grammar do have plenty of 60s influence, it would not have been a shock. But, it is genuinely original, and it takes us on an adventure from the get-go.

Hannah Reid

‘Baby Its You’ kicks off with a gradually increasing synth lead which then meets a tight beat which fastens us in. It drives forward with conviction. Also, although the intro is reasonably long with an elongated arrangement, it does lead us into the perfect vocal from frontwoman ‘Hannah Reid’. As you would expect, ‘Hannah, sings with piercing quality. Her vocals are poignant, and her gentle approach is awe-inspiring with her catapulting us into a place of calm and serenity.

The track takes a slower pace in the lead verse with Hannah taking the focal point from the instrumental. But, it soon pops up again, and the rhythm accompanies her sublime delivery for most of the track here onwards. I relish how she grips with her infectious charm. So much so it is challenging to fault her with her confidence oozing all over the mix.

For me, there is plenty of energy within this track. It is perfect for those late summer evenings when you want to detach yourself from the craziness of the modern world. Also, although lyrically it is nothing too extravagant, ‘Hannah’ expresses her message clearly. As a result, she proves that she is a potent storyteller as well as a musician. But, let’s not forget ‘Dot Major’ on the drums, as he delivers a rhythm which sticks like resin. Also, ‘Dan Rotham’ introduces a sound which will leave you itching for more.

You can take a listen to ‘Baby Its You’ by London Grammar below.

Emily Harris