Former One Direction singer Louis Tomlinson spoke to The Project in Australia while promoting his Down Under tour and was not too impressed when quizzed about One Direction beef.

After being questioned by a presenter about his time in the band and Liam Paynes’ controversial remarks about Zayn Malik, Louis responded: “So the fishing’s begun already. Yeah, I see what you’re doing… I’m immensely proud, as I know Liam is; I’m immensely proud of those days, obviously. It was an incredible thing to do, especially to do at such a young age. Amazing memories, man, amazing memories.”

Another presenter quickly jumped in to ask if he finds it annoying speaking about, One Direction, to which Louis said: “I’m more than happy to talk about it in every interview. It’s something I’m immensely proud of… It’s just when you mentioned the beef before; it sounded like you were ready to stir some s**t up, that’s all I’m saying.”

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