The family of Mac Miller took to his social media channels to announce a new album. ‘Circles’ is set for release this month, on January 17th.

The late rapper was working on the new album ‘Circles’ with Jon Brion. Jon Brion dedicated his time to finish the record after the rapper’s death in September 2018. Also, Jon “dedicated himself to finishing Circles based on his time and conversations with Malcolm.”

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Circles. January 17.

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As the statement explains, Mac was well into the the process of recording the new album at the time of his death. The new album, Circles will serve as a companion album to Mac’s last release, Swimming. Which was released only a month before the rappers untimely death.

Mac Miller

Also, Jon Brion has credits on the album ‘Swimming’. The idea of the two albums in companion is ‘Swimming in Circles’. These albums showcase two different styles complementing each other, completing a circle.

Evolution of Easy Mac

Therefore, this hints at possibly a new sound from Mac. His sound and style definitely evolved throughout his career.

Going from a young ‘Easy Mac’ releasing his mixtape But My Mackin’ Ain’t Easy in 2007 at the age of fifteen.

Mac Miller

Following this, Mac began incorporating more soulful singing and raw emotion into his songs throughout his career.

Throughout his career, it is clear that he found himself through his music. In addition, his sound progressed and he experimented more with Jazz and Soul influences, his lyrical style changed. Also allowing Mac to find his own sound and face his issues with mental health.

Above all, it goes without saying that Mac Miller is an artist who is dearly missed.

In conclusion, more information on the release and his charity The Mac Miller Fund will be posted on Instagram. A new account was created by his family, and can be found at @92tilinfinity.

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