Northern Italian Funk Rockers, Madax, have just released their brand new single ‘Drown’. A lively, melodic and refreshing track lifted from their album ‘Individuum’.

Madax are from South Tyrol in the Italian Dolomites, near the Austrian border. Drawing influence from the likes of Pink Floyd, Toto and Genesis, Madax create modern funk rock music, focusing on conveying the band’s values through catchy melodies and exquisitely crafted instrumentals.

Their latest single, ‘Drown’, boasts their natural talent and songwriting prowess to perfection. The sleek, clean production puts every musical element in the spotlight, demonstrating the ease with which they mastered their sound. The drums are energetic and punchy, backed up by a funky, upfront bass line that almost forces you to tap along. Glistening guitars and brass highlight the catchy vocal melodies throughout, finalizing the modern funk sound of this track. The recently released music video, featuring some amazing underwater footage of the band.

If you love feel good, catchy music with modern production and a hint of nostalgia, Madax are the band for you.


Check out the amazing video here:


George Millington