London based singer, Maddie Hamer, has released her new, amazing single, ‘2 Busy 4 Ya’ and it screams chart–topper from start to finish without doubt.

Hailing from Norway, but now living and working in London, Maddie Hamer is a effortless and talented singer who has had a strong passion for music and performance from a very young age. Over recent years she has been compiling original material for her debut EP, of which ‘2 Busy 4 Ya’ is the debut smash single.

‘2 Busy 4 Ya’ contains all the requisite ingredients of a modern, smooth pop hit. With a heart-pounding sub bass beat, in your face vocalese and top-notch production, it is sure to get stuck in your head from the first listen, leaving you itching to hit the replay button.  It has a luminous, effervescent quality that gives plenty of sound to bounce to with every beat.  It’s a fun and sassy track that showcases her skills and makes it easy to fall for. Everyone is always looking for that one track that can hit the relax and let-go button and this is it.

And, given that she started from such a young age, you can feel straight away that she is in her element and lets her vocals take you where she wants you to go.  The chords and lyrics are bang-on and it all gathers together become the perfect recipe for a summer hit.

With a single as danecable as this, Maddie Hamer is sure to find her way into your playlists this summer.  We can be sure you will want to hit repeat!!  She is one to be sure to watch, as her star in on the ascendancy!


INSTAGRAM: @madeleinehamer


George Millington