American indie punk rockers are making a return to the British Isles and are also unleashing the music video for their new single ‘Holy’, don’t say that we didn’t warn you.  Jess Kenny, Mike Baron, Mike Montalbano and John Paul (JP) are the four whom together form The Nectars and hail from New Jersey.   They have been both making music and performing to local crowds since last year but already making some serious waves. Ironically, they have also been given the award for the Gayest Band, make what you will from that.

The Nectars have played gigs around the UK including Birmingham, London and Pontypridd. Ironically it was also their first time in the UK and played at Great Escape and Dot To Dot, and as of this month, from the 26th onwards are playing three more dates in London.  Their new single ‘Holy’ is both fast-paced and highly energetic and lead singer, and front-woman Jess Kenny’s vocals are manic, hi-energy and have that slight touch of aggression which fits the bill for this sort of song perfectly. Filled with quick-paced vocals, extensive full-on guitar riffs and a strong drummer backing this is one song that you should think about adding to your playlist.

Ironically, the video for ‘Holy’ seems to be a little bit towards unholier-than-thou as it starts off with the guys in the band driving a car who pick up a female passer-by, played by the lead singer. The men offer her a lift but then take her the woods and sacrifice her in some weird ritual. If you ever get the chance look it up on YouTube, it’s only a minute and 22 seconds long, it’s as intriguing as is bizarre. (WORD TO THE WISE: DON’T RE-ENACT THE VIDEO IN FEAR OF THE LAW)
The new single is available on their debut album Sci-Fi Television right now.  Be sure to catch it!


George Millington