Established and accomplished singer and songwriter, Marvin B. Naylor, has just released his latest single, ‘Colours’, a track glistening with originality and experience songwriting talent.

Marvin B. Naylor is a Winchester based songwriter with an expansive discography of semi-psychedelic pop music, reminiscent of the late 60s and early 70s. Playing a variety of string instruments, including the 12-string guitar, which is featured in ‘Colours’, Marvin writes with inspiration from love, life and the universe.  Marvin creates a beautiful tapestry of work and music to lost yourself in easily.  And with such strong musicianship, its a wonderful world to inhabit.

The latest single, ‘Colours’, is driven by a bright, sparkling acoustic guitar sound, which envelopes the rest of the production beautifully. It all feels very organic and natural, giving the listener a beautiful space to occupy. Marvin’s vocal delivers the lyrical content exquisitely and is supported by layers of warm harmonies and backing vocals, further adding to overall composition perfectly. Building throughout, ‘Colours’ boasts his signature psychedelic sound with perfection.

If you’re longing for a fresh, singer-songwriter whose music is accented with a hint of psychedelic nostalgia, Marvin B. Naylor’s latest release is a must hear and one to get acquainted with now!

George Millington