Melanie C needs no introduction. After all, she is part of one of, if not the biggest girl bands in the world. Yes, you guessed it, Spice Girls. But, she is back with a new single, and it is everything her fans have been waiting for.

The new single titled ‘Who I Am’ picks up from where Mel C left off. It does not sound that much different to the stuff she was putting out a decade ago. However, why change something which works? Also, I would not have wanted this new track any other way.

For me, it is a summer classic. Nevertheless, that maybe my biased opinion because I first heard it on the UK’s first proper sunny day of 2020. However, it fits in perfectly to the feel-good summer is approaching vibe. I feel that is the kind of direction Mel C wanted here, and I can almost guarantee that people will react with open arms.

The track kicks off with a dreamy synth which sits on a steady beat. It is soothing from the start with a crushing sense of nostalgia of 90s dance-pop. Vocally, Mel C delivers a powerful performance. Her vocals are just as good if not better than when she was touring the world with the Spice Girls. That for me was refreshing to hear having heard too many artists come back and struggle to get through a track hitting all the right notes.

It is a dance anthem. I can only imagine how epic this would sound at a beach bar in Ibiza. Although, I doubt many of us will be able to do that this year with all the lockdowns. Nevertheless, there is still next year, and I am sure ‘Who I Am’ will be around even then.


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Emily Harris