Dua Lipa has just released her new single ‘Break My Heart’. From first listen, it did not massively jump out to me. But, that is not to say it is not a solid track.

The moment I clicked play, I instantly began humming ‘One Kiss’. I had to remind myself that I was not reviewing that one. But, it did follow a similar vibe. Nevertheless, it was not long until Dua got down to new business with a sublime vocal performance. There is no doubt on earth that Lipa has unbelievable singing strength but is this her best delivery? I would say that it is up there with her best, yes.

Billie Eilish

However, one thing which I noticed was how certain parts of the track sounded a lot like Billie Eilish. For me, I believe this direction was just a deliberate decision to make it more appealing to the modern market. Let’s face it; Billie is taking the world by storm; therefore, everyone is trying to cash in on her signature sound. But, I do not think it was a wise route to take here. Lipa is a hitmaker on her own and has a sound which many artists envy. Therefore, why not keep that originality and edge?

Overall, I believe it is a likeable release. It is an excellent track for the summer months, and it has come out at the right time with the sun just around the corner. But, is it paving the path for future pop music? No, I do not think it is. It has taken lots of influences from other artists and somehow found little originality along the way. That is not to say I think it is a bad song, but I doubt it is going to change the music industry.

What are your thoughts to the track from Dua Lipa? Have your say by leaving a comment below.

George Millington