French artist Sophie Baudry, better known by her stage name, Million Miles, has released a video for her new single ‘Honey’ and it’s already making waves. The video was directed by Tom Ewbank, a British director who has directed music for numerous years and has made music videos for Lauv, Aka George and Jordan Rakei to name but a few.

‘Honey’ is an incredible song to say the least and Sophie’s voice is as hypnotic as it is soothing and you can just hear every single note as she sings them. As an artist she sounds like the French equivalent to Corrine Baily-Rae and she’s got the singing quality that many other singers can only ever dream of. There’s a couple of lines which sound quite intimate “My love is sweet as honey you can spend it just like money” and “I wake you up like coffee once better you’re addicted”. There are very few love songs out there which can hit that level of intimacy and speak both open and honestly about relationships.

The video to the song is definitely worth a look and like the song it’s very emotive. It’s set in an American-style diner and shows people busy in their own routines and also how they interact with each other. Sophie appears in the video both as a character interacting with other characters and for the final minute and a half she appears in an out-of-character state merely observing everything around her. If you ever get the chance look it up on YouTube, it is worth a look.

Sophie is definitely someone to keep your eye on in the near future and if the rest of her songs are as good as ‘Honey’ she is going to be even better as she goes on. Just watch this space, and the video.

Words by: Adam Humphrey

George Millington