Innovative UK producer Mura Masa, aka Alex Crossan, is reunited with East Londoner Nao in their latest single Complicated released through Polydor Records. After the success of their previous collab Firefly, released on Mura Masa’s debut self-titled album last summer, it’s no surprise the two have joined forces to make more of that groovy electro funk sound we love. The track’s jangly tribal acoustics have a typical Masa feel whilst Nao’s honey-fused voice transforms an unsurprising pop love song into a playfully upbeat d-floor tune. With a plethora of percussive elements, the single has us riding on a tropical bubble, to an island far far away.

Rife with crafty beats and guitar riffs, Complicated has us living our best lives, sipping on endless margaritas and blissfully ignorant of summer’s end. Nao’s declarations of adoration, “I deeply do exalt you”, are mellowed out by the irresistible charm of Masa’s melody. The track was first aired as Annie Mac’s Hottest Record in the World on her BBC Radio 1 show and there’s no doubt this single was made with the fire emoji in mind. The cherry on top of the cake? The accompanying video has also been released quicker than we could say “Please Sir, I want some more!”

Directed by Yoni Lappin who has worked with Masa on a handful of videos, it is firmly rooted in our real lived experiences, hanging out with friends, drinking and having a solid 10/10 time. The visuals provide a true to life picture of the little loves of our life that may go unnoticed, the ones we don’t “exalt” as well as the ones we do. Masa’s banging Bestival set will now be followed by a succession of tour dates in America, sure to uphold Crossan’s rep as “beat slayer”. Mura Masa we exalt you.

Words by: Molly Bergara

George Millington