‘Midnight Train’ is the latest release from Indie Rock group Misty Shape. They have taken a sound which they know so well and brought a more mellow vibe which shines brightly in a distinct light.

Check through the Misty Shape discography, and you will find hard-hit rock anthems which get your endorphin levels rising through the roof. But, they have toned it down here on ‘Midnight Train’. But, cleverly, they still get your hair standing up on the back of your neck.

Misty Shape

‘Midnight Train’ kicks off with a divine rhythm guitar intro lead which sets the tone for the entire release. We know that we are going to feel moved instantly and by heck did this track move us. The vocals which are on display are truly majestic, and it proves how much quality the singer possesses. She can delve between loose rock cords to the spoken word, and she performs her vocals with plenty of poise here on this release.

The track has a lot to offer. It is full of flavour, and I relish that they have added lots of variety within its structure. It starts slow and laid back but then it gets into a rockier space with thumping drums and a guitar lead which is hard to fault.

You can listen to ‘Midnight Train’ by Misty Shape below.

George Millington