In a recent Instagram video, Kanye West dropped a bombshell, alleging that he’s being sued by Adidas, his former sponsor and collaborator, over his YZY footwear line. The rapper, whose partnership with Adidas came to an end in 2022 following controversial remarks, now finds himself entangled in legal disputes with the sportswear giant.

West didn’t hold back as he addressed his followers, passionately asserting that Adidas is not only selling unauthorized versions of his YZY line but also pursuing legal action against him to the tune of $250 million. This revelation comes as a shock to many, especially considering the once-collaborative relationship between the artist and the brand.

The rift between West and Adidas dates back to 2022 when the partnership dissolved after the rapper’s inflammatory comments on social media. Now, with accusations flying from both sides, the situation has escalated into a full-blown legal battle.

As the saga unfolds, fans and industry observers are left wondering about the future of Kanye West’s iconic footwear line and the implications of this high-profile dispute on the world of fashion and music. Stay tuned for further updates as this story develops.

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George Millington