Naomi Leader, a multi – talented performer from Sydney, Australia, has recently released her debut single ‘Atlanta Highway’ and it fulfils every expectation you might have of such a driven and passionate artist.

Naomi Leader is a singer – songwriter and professional dancer. Growing up, Naomi’s flair, versatility and skill were often noticed. She even wrote her first song when she was just two years old. Since achieving the highest national result in the ATCL exams (Trinity College London) for the performing arts and studying at the prestigious ED5 in Sydney, she has worked alongside star dancer and choreographer Kate Wormald and has toured Australia with Grammy award winning songwriter and producer, Eric Bellinger.

In 2017, while in Singapore, she went into the studio with musician/producer Dru Chen. Together they worked to produce the dark and emotive tune that is ‘Atlanta Highway’.

With its punchy beat, pumping bass line and strong vocals, it is sure to become an anthem as we head into the summer months. Naomi just released her music video for the track, which she funded, produced and wrote independently and will release a four song EP later this year.

George Millington