Symphonic Rock Evolution have shined ‘The Light’ onto British shores and the U.K has welcomed it with open arms since its release.

Canadian based musician and composer Ken Hartfield has written a masterpiece with his latest track ‘The Light’ and it is a single which has the power to take you an emotional journey.

‘The Light’ which has a Pink Floyd and ELO vibe comprises a strong vocal which sit on a powerful instrumental with a hook which cannot be shaken off. It leaves you feeling alive and it is invigorating to see an artist not sticking to the status quo and doing something diverse to what is currently happening in the charts.

Ken and his group the Symphonic Rock Evolution have taken big steps in the U.K with this single already expected to be a big track as we head into the summer months.

You can listen to the single at the Symphonic Rock Evolution official website


George Millington