Another new music Friday arrives with many of the worlds most significant musicians dropping new tracks. It is an intense week for new material, so much so it was tricky to decide who should make it into our top playlist this week.

Maroon 5 – Nobody’s Love

Maroon 5 appear to have been around forever, but that is because they have. I remember when they first broke out onto the scene around 19 years ago. They have got even better with every release. Their new track ‘Nobody’s love’ is a real gem with plenty of pop flavour and the groups signature sound has never sounded better.

Victoria Moralez – Eyes Off The Prize

Victoria Moralez brings the pop feelgood this week with her new track. It has a pretty psychedelic vibe going on which grips and does not let go. I enjoy the sounds she has added into the mix here, and her vocal is spot on which shows her courage and ability to give the bigger hitters a run for their money.

Taylor Swift – Cardigan

Swifty is back with a new track. From first glance, it appears her fans are going crazy over this release. Nevertheless, they do every time their pop princess releases new material, and they have every right too, why? Because she drops hits time after time. This one takes on a new direction though with a more gentle approach with an elegant piano lead taking the focal point for the most part. Vocally, Taylor smashes it, and it is one of my favourites from the new Swifty era.

Neck Deep – Telling Stories

Pop Rockers Neck Deep are dropping new music like it is going out of fashion. We only recently reviewed their other new track ‘I Revolve (Around You)’, but we could not help but include this one too because it pops and follows on from the last one in triumphant style.

Nevertheless, the new music Friday excitement does not stop there. Furthermore, you can listen to the rest of the playlist below.

George Millington