Taylor Swift surprised everybody with a new album last week. Nobody was expecting to wake up to the fresh release on Friday, and I doubt many were expecting to see it break a streaming record on Spotify and Apple music globally.

The album which is the singer’s 8th studio release sold a massive 1.3 million copies in just 24 hours. But, the excitement does not stop there with the figures still proliferating. Furthermore, music insiders are predicting that the new album could become the biggest album of 2020.


Fans have been having their say on Swifties latest number. One wrote “It’s unbelievable how we went from the dark and gothic reputation era to the bright and bombastic Lover era to the stipped-down and brutally honest folklore era within three years. it’s amazing how versatile Taylor swift is.’

Another said “The new Taylor Swift album is amazing. Many people only know about her pop schlock singles, but all of her albums have terrific songs that reveal her brilliance as a singer-songwriter (e.g. “All Too Well”). “folklore” is just 100% that.”

The new album is rivalling some of the biggest hitters in the game. Many are also wondering if the release date was a dig at Kanye West who was also set to release his album on the same day. The pair have a long-standing feud, and this may be Swifties plan to blow him out of the ocean. If that is the ultimate goal, then she has succeeded because everywhere we look it is Swifty and Kanye is struggling to peak out of the water.

You can take a listen to Taylor’s new album ‘Folklore’ below. Also, what are your thoughts to the latest release from Swifty? Do you think it is her best album to date? Let us know by commenting on our social media accounts.

George Millington