Radiohead released their 20th anniversary version of OK Computer on 23rd June 2017. A double CD set from XL, it features extra tracks and remastered versions of the classics. They also released a £100 box set, along with vinyl and digital versions on their website OKNOTOK (hyperlink this with link below). There is even a link on the OK Computer website to their 1997 website. An approximation of it, anyway. Extremely bare bones home page linking to two other websites and that’s it. Typical.

The second disc featured the three unheard songs, ‘I Promise’, ‘Man of War’ and ‘Lift’. Over the past few months, we have seen two incredible videos for I Promise and Man of War. Both above 6 million views, they are great artistic additions to Radiohead’s already impressive video repertoire. Completing the trifecta of new song videos, Lift was released today on Radiohead’s YouTube page. With a new video comes another new director in the form of Oscar Hudson, who has put out an impressively busy video within one set location.

It is one of the more unique music videos that I have ever seen, for an interesting reason. Music videos are an art form, many people try all kinds of techniques. Colours, styles, whatever is needed to realise the artist or director’s vision. This video has TWO main static camera angles. That’s it. One facing the door of the lift, and the other a top down view. It follows Thom’s journey on a lift, seeing all kinds of crazy scenarios when the doors open.The third and final shot is the only moving shot of the video, featuring the big three-Thom reveal and a lift-lift scenario. Mental, beautiful, simple. Radiohead music videos, everybody.

Check out the Video Here!

George Millington