By now, you have probably seen a ‘house’ gig or two online, or attended it yourself. The phenomenon of hosting concerts in homes and various unique places has gone from strength to strength in recent years. One company has always been at the forefront; Sofar Sounds. Founded in 2010, they are based in London, but can be found all over the world. They call themselves: ‘an expanding network of artists and music lovers.’ and are ‘Bringing the magic back to live music’. If you have ever attended a show or seen their videos online, I think you would agree.

They are in the news lately after the announcement of a collaboration with Amnesty International for ‘World Refugee Day’. This partnership will see a wealth of musical talent performing in over 300 homes across 60 countries. On World Refugee Day, September 20th. This day aims to raise awareness for the suffering endured across the world by people being forced to flee their homes. Under the moniker ‘Give a Home’, these shows will all take place on that day. They will also be promoted and streamed across internet. Featuring speeches from activists along with the music. It will definitely be a monumental event that you definitely shouldn’t miss out on.

Who Can you See?

Amongst the artists currently known to be performing are Above & Beyond, Bad Suns, Band of Skulls, David Arnold and Michael Price. Also David Wrench (DJ Set), Daughter, Ed Sheeran, Fossils, Gregory Porter, Hot Chip. As well as all these they have many more to offer, visit their website for details!

How to participate

If you’re a fan of any of the above, want to see what Sofar Sounds is about or want to support the cause on World Refugee Day, you can apply (as you can for any other Sofar Sounds show) on the Sofar Sounds website at

The competition ends on September 10th, so be fast and help an amazing cause!

George Millington