This morning we have decided that there is no music news today. Who cares if Meghan Trainor wants kids in the next two years?

I spent around 5 minutes this morning having a look at what some other music sites are reporting. Having done that, I wish I had never got out of bed. YAWN YAWN YAWN. It is just the same old tosh which gets me less excited than the thought of watching the paint dry in my newly decorated bedroom.

Just browse around the web, and it will not take you long to find some music news outlet trying to milk the hell out of a story which has little or no importance to anyone’s life. Agreed, GSGM can write the odd post now and again which you may say, and? But we do not milk the story for the next two weeks. We usually get bored of it ourselves after a few hours.


Also, another pet hate is the dirt which some particular media companies drag up about artists. Yeah, the music news industry does rely on gossip from time to time but let’s not start creating stories about something a musician did ten years ago? If we do that, then we are no better than the gossip magazines which cannot find anything better to write about people other than ripping them to bits.

So there you have it, no music news today folks! Rant over. Let’s stop the boring news pieces which have no significance to anyone. Also, if we write something which completely sucks and is about as exciting as a 20-hour car journey, then let us know!

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Emily Harris