Noah Cyrus is a remarkable talent. Mind you; she is the sister of Miley and daughter of Billie Ray. Therefore it is only expected that she has a quality vocal. It is kind of annoying, though, that they are all so gifted. Either way, the new track from Noah Cyrus is perfect.

I first came across it in on my new music Friday search, and I have been relishing it ever since. It sounds pretty similar to Miley, and they both share the same tone in their singing voice. Like her sister, Noah often transitions between high and low vocals, and she puts her octave range on full display with ‘Young & Sad’.

Sad Reality Of Having A Famous Sister

The track is very touching. The singer opens up about her life growing up in a famous family. Also, revealing how hard it is growing up in Miley’s shadow. Well, Noah, you have a talent of your own. You do share similarities with your sister, which we would expect, but you bring a whole new quality to the industry.

For me, the song is up there with the best. It is a smart record, and vocally Noah puts on a strong performance. At times, it reminds me of Billie Eilish although I think that is just because this is the type of sound in which the pop scene is swaying. The track stays relatively chill throughout. It does get more energetic within the chorus sections with a more massive bass riff becoming audible, but as a whole, it remains constant.

Overall, I am loving ‘Young & Sad’, and I firmly believe that Noah has heaps amount of quality which we will see more of in the next few years. I hope she gets over the ‘being in Miley’s shadow’ thing. I imagine it must be hard, but she has to go out and prove she has her own skills. This song is proof of it.

George Millington