Lewis Capaldi’s voice is possibly the voice of the generation. His tracks have spread like wildfire across the music community, and it is clear to see why. They are compelling. But, I have to be honest, I am not a fan of his new performance on ‘Shallow’.

The original is very good. Therefore, it was always going to be hard to fill the boots of the original singer’s Gaga and Bradley Cooper. Does he do a good job? Well, many would argue he does a great job, but I am not so convinced. It all sounds very messy to me. Also, I do not think it adds anything more than the original did. Therefore, why cover a song if it is not better or add something different?

Calm Before The Storm

He starts with a very calming vocal with a guitar melody sitting behind it. In the opener, he falls a little flat at parts which is very surprising from an artist of his calibre. It gets a bit boring too. It drags on a bit too long before we get to the real power. But, when that power comes, it’s freaky. Have you ever seen that video of something innocent and then all of a sudden a clown or something jumps out of the screen? The song is a little like that for me. Especially if you are listening loud, everything is all soft and calm, and then all of the sudden Lewis is shouting at you.

I cannot say I am fond of this, to be honest. I know I will most likely get many of you disagreeing, but it’s just not doing it for me at all. Lewis is riding his great career with his own music; he does not need to do this. What are your thoughts?

George Millington