Copenhagen-based duo North Ship is set to unveil their latest musical venture, “It Looked Like Rain,” on May 17th, captivating audiences worldwide with their innovative blend of sounds and styles!

Led by the dynamic duo of vocalist, guitarist, and songwriter Tom Golzen, alongside skilled drummer Francis Nørgaard Jensen, North Ship has honed a unique sonic signature by weaving together programmed elements, live instrumentation, and percussive rhythms.

Building upon the success of their acclaimed singles like “Green Light,” “Scent,” and “How Like You This?,” “It Looked Like Rain” promises an immersive journey across eight tracks that showcase the band’s evolution and artistic prowess.

The album’s title track sets the stage for a mesmerizing listening experience, followed by new offerings such as “Plastic House” and “Good And Gone,” each a testament to North Ship’s commitment to pushing musical boundaries.

Helmed by esteemed producer and mixer Thomas Li, whose credits include collaborations with luminaries like Martin Hall and Palle Mikkelborg, and mastered by legendary ex-Rolling Stones producer Chris Kimsey, “It Looked Like Rain” boasts a polished yet raw energy that captures the essence of North Ship’s electrifying live performances.

Fresh off their recent premiere in Copenhagen, North Ship is primed to make waves on the global music scene once again. With tracks from the album already garnering international acclaim and internet airplay, including over 300,000 Spotify plays for “Green Light,” the duo is poised to captivate audiences with their latest sonic offering.

Stay tuned as North Ship sets sail on a musical voyage like no other with “It Looked Like Rain”!

George Millington