The ex-frontmen of Oasis are renowned for their beef. Keeping up the famous feud for what honestly feels like an eternity. But is it all just one big PR stunt? Is an Oasis reunion imminent?

Oasis ‘officially’ split over 10 years ago now, in the summer of 2009. Noel was the one who ultimately chose to leave the band, due to high tensions between the Gallagher siblings. Noel even issued a statement at the time explaining that he “simply could not go on working with Liam a day longer.”

A Brief Timeline of Oasis ‘Hits’

This sibling rivalry has been ongoing in the public eye since as early as 1994, after Liam threw a tambourine at Noel during a gig in Los Angeles. A year later, Noel reportedly hit back – quite literally. By striking Liam over the head with a cricket bat after he brought back a party to the studio. This bat – believe it or not – was even sold at auction. But the feud is genuine and not a PR stunt, right?

The final ‘hit’ led to a messy break-up of the group in 2009. Liam yielded his older brother’s guitar ‘like an axe’ and swung it at Noel’s head. This all went down backstage, before an Oasis performance (which was ultimately cancelled, along with the rest of the tour) at the Rock En Seine festival in Paris.

Oasis Reunion

After a long history of scrapping, Noel bit the bullet and finally packed his bag. Oasis was over for good that year.

Subsequent Projects

Following the brothers long-time-coming break-up, Liam and Noel went on to create more music.

Noel went on to work as Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds, with their debut album releasing in 2011.

Liam initially formed Beady Eye, who as a group released two albums. Subsequently, Liam went on to perform as a solo act, and has recorded two solo albums to date.

Oasis Reunion

Noel likes to joke that Liam is not doing his own thing. Noel stated “I’m over here doing my thing, you’re over there doing my thing” referencing Liam’s performances of a number of Oasis’ hit songs. Famously, Noel is the mastermind behind the majority of Oasis songs. Including classics such as Wonderwall, Don’t Look Back In Anger and Champagne Supernova.

Do you think their arguments are genuine? When will the Oasis reunion occur? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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