Australian band Ocean Alley have released their brand-new single ‘Happy Sad’, it’s over five minutes long and have got to say it actually sounds really good. They are a six-piece band from Sydney, Australia. Happy Sad is one of those songs that captivates your interest within the first 15-20 seconds because it sounds like something you probably haven’t heard before and combines rock and reggae in a smooth combination. Also, it isn’t everyday that you come across a band that can mix those types of sounds with ease. Think Bob Marley meets Fleetwood Mac and a couple of other psychedelic sounds thrown in for good measure.
These guys have been going since 2011 and are making musical waves, and, if you’ve heard their new single Happy Sad you’ll soon know why.
Mitch, Tom, Angus, Nic along with Baden and Lachlan, who are the main lead singers in the band have the sheer vocal power that many male singers out there don’t fully possess when it comes to hitting the high-notes. The only ones that can be matched to the standard are Matt Bellamy of Muse, and the legends that are Tom Jones and David Bowie.

The video accompanying this video is rather good and abstract in the way it’s been done as it’s not like an actual, specifically made video in the sense that most videos are, it’s more of behind the scenes shots. The ‘Happy Sad’ video is a composition of live performances, rehearsals, and backstage gig shenanigans with interwoven clips of the band members just generally horsing around. After you’ve listened to the song give the music video a try, it is actually worth looking at and it gives some insight into the band members themselves, as well as their fan-base. All I’ll say is that these guys who make Ocean Alley definitely know how to fill any arena or big music venues, and with minimal effort by the looks of it.


Words by:  Adam Humphrey


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George Millington