Former Years and Years frontman, Olly Alexander, may not have clinched the top spot at Eurovision, but he’s still seeing the silver lining. Representing the UK with his track ‘Dizzy’, Olly landed 18th out of 25 contestants, receiving no public votes and a modest 46 from the jury. However, despite the rankings, Olly remains optimistic about the exposure the competition provided for his solo endeavors.

In an interview with the Daily Star Sunday, Olly shared his motivations behind gracing the Eurovision stage: “I did Eurovision because it was a great opportunity to promote my music.” He emphasized his eagerness to reintroduce himself to a broader audience as he gears up for the release of new music after a hiatus. “I hope that Eurovision will be a brilliant platform for ‘Dizzy’. It is the first song from my new album, I’ve got a lot of new music to come,” he added.

The multi-talented actor, known for his role in the hit series ‘It’s A Sin’, believes Eurovision plays a significant role in catapulting artists into the spotlight globally. He remarked, “People love the songs they see at Eurovision. They do really well. They’ve been embraced by a younger audience.”

Behind the scenes, Olly’s collaboration with ‘Dizzy’ co-writer Danny L Harle hints at further musical ventures. Speaking to, Danny teased about their ongoing collaboration: “I’ve written some more tracks with him that do that. I’ve really been enjoying that with Olly because his voice is so agile and can really make sense of more complicated chord sequences.”

Danny also praised Olly’s vocal prowess, highlighting their exploration of intricate harmonies and melodic nuances. “Another thing I’ve been enjoying with him is when there’s sparseness and letting the vocal melody spell out the harmony and maybe occasionally go minor and major over one bass note, which is something I really, really enjoy.”

Despite the Eurovision outcome, Olly Alexander remains steadfast in his musical journey, leveraging every opportunity to showcase his artistry and connect with audiences worldwide. With new music on the horizon and a collaborative spirit driving his creativity, fans can anticipate an exciting chapter in Olly’s solo career.

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George Millington