Bono recently sat down with BBC Radio 1’s Greg James for his new series ‘Music Uncovered: The Genius Of Coldplay’. The U2 star revealed a unique perspective on Coldplay, insisting that we all should not class them as a rock group.

Bono, 64, mentioned that the band are often pigeonholed by rock standards. However, he argues that their sound often transcends the genre with a sound that defies convention. Speaking about their 2003 single ‘Clocks,’ from the album ‘A Rush of Blood to the Head,’ Bono said: “It just sort of sticks to you, tighter than time itself. The clock face of one band sharing a moment in time… I remember when I first heard it, punching the air in a manly but not aggressive way, and then the feeling of, ‘Oh, this is just better than anyone else’s song at the moment.’”

He continued by explaining why Coldplay’s music stands apart: “I should mention Coldplay are not a rock band. I hope that’s obvious. There is something much more interesting going on there like the Isley Brothers or something. They should not be judged by rock rules…”.

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George Millington