Birmingham’s most exceptional Indie-Pop 4 piece, Outline, have just dropped their brand new single ‘Candid’. A track which is already blowing up on the global indie scene with its anthemic quality.

The band are still relatively new to the party. But, they are taking no hostages with their rapidly increasing popularity. Nevertheless, it is clear to see why the current pop magnets are going from strength to strength. Furthermore, they have created a sound which is unique to themselves while also taking influence from some of the greats who laid the foundations before them.

‘Candid’ is a feel-good smash hit. Slightly reminiscent of The 1975 in sound, yet fresh and unprecedented in its own right. It kicks off with a robust melody-driven guitar lead before a spectacular catchy vocal performance greets us from lead singer Jack Bateman. It boasts confidence from the get-go and with a tight drum section and jazzy bass, it could even get your granny tapping her foot.

Outline, have set the bar high for 2020 Indie Pop. Therefore, if you are seeking the most exquisite indie-pop anthem, then look no further than ‘Candid’.

George Millington