Pale Waves – ‘You Don’t Own Me‘, wow! Where do we start here? They are getting better and better with every new release, and they never disappoint with them giving us another ear goodie.

At first, our team we were unsure if their American emo and pop-rock influenced route was the best way to go, given that they were taking many hints from an era that is long gone. But, their vision is strong, and they stick to what they enjoy the most, and it pays off!

They are filling a niche that is still proving popular. Furthermore, fans of the most influential pop-rock groups from yesteryear are already flocking to join their brigade, and it is obvious to see why.

Speaking The Truth

Vocally, Heather Baron-Gracie speaks about doing it her way. She is sick of conformity, and she is not going to tolerate others telling her what to do; essentially, she wants to live her own life as she wishes; who can blame her? She is right; people need to lay off the gas and let people be who they want to be, not much to ask for, right?

Also, the music is just as influential as the lyrics. Moreover, each band member rises to the top of the mix with potent quality and charm. The guitar riffs are vigorous, and the drums hit hard with thunderous bite. Additionally, the structure is smart with a unique soundscape while taking hints from Avril Lavigne and Jimmy Eat World.

The new video for the track is out now; you can check it out below. It is impressive!

So, do you think this direction for Pale Waves is the right way to go? Let us know your thoughts by leaving a comment below this post. As always, we love to hear your thoughts.

Emily Harris