Le Fil is no stranger to the pop scene having just completed a headline tour with Spice Girls very own Melanie C in Australia. But, the excitement does not stop there. Furthermore, the charismatic singer-songwriter is on track to cement his name in the 2020 hottest pop category with new single ‘Undercover Lover.

It is an inspiring and optimistic track from the Huddersfield born artist who has close ties with China being the child of Hong Kong- born parents. The talented musician has taken us into a new direction, and although it does take influence from the pop greats like Britney and Kylie, it does not stay too close to the status quo. As a result ‘Undercover Lover’ remains true to itself and shines glowingly in originality.

The new single boasts a robust catchy hook with a sublime vocal from Le Fil. The heart is worn on the sleeve here, and you can almost feel the emotion within the lead vocals. It is a charming smash hit with an epic beat driving the track forward. Lyrically, Le Fil puts his poetic tongue on full display, and there is no shyness when it comes to talking about intimate experiences with lovers. Also, it not only proves a great fit within the LGBT community, but it is prevalent to a far broader audience too.

If you love pop music just as much as Le Fil, then you will relish ‘Undercover Lover’. It is a standout release, and it will leave you hooked from the get-go. Grab it now while it’s hot!

George Millington