Australian singer-songwriter, Rachelle, has released her stunning new single ‘Drumbeat’. Full of driving rhythms and memorable hooks, it’s sure to make its way into plenty of summer playlists.

Rachelle, is a highly talented and passionate singer- songwriter from Australia. She began her career as a dancer, dancing professionally for Australian artists, music videos and even on television shows including Australia’s Got Talent. After moving to London in 2012, Rachelle began pursuing her career as a singer. Already seeing success with ‘Running’ and ‘Fisherman’, ‘Drumbeat’ is the next track to be given to us by this vivacious artist.

As the name would suggest, ‘Drumbeat’ is packed with moving rhythms throughout, giving the song a natural pace that you can’t help but tap your feet to. When combined with beautiful synth textures and layers of catchy vocals, this creates a truly unique indie pop sound. With this single, Rachelle is sure to make a name for her self in the music industry as we head into the summer months.

Music video available here:

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