Brighton based singer-songwriter, Simon D James, has just released his beautiful new single ‘Take Your Time’, lifted from his brand new EP ‘Songs from a Dream Long Forgotten’.

Simon D James has been writing music since he was just 16 years old and began his career by busking all over the world, from Europe to Delhi. His music captivates people wherever he goes, once bringing Delhi train station to a standstill as crowds came to watch him play on the platform. Simon says he has ‘taken a piece of each person and place from his travels to create a patchwork of joys and frustrations that inspire his music.’

The latest EP is inspired by Simon’s time in Calais, seeing the loss and suffering that was happening amongst refugees and carries the message that we all need love, regardless of who we are.

‘Take Your Time’ features huge textures of ambient synths with a contrastingly dry drum beat, a combination that carries the feeling of the song with great grace. Simon’s voice shows incredible emotion throughout and the spacey backing vocals add great charm. With ‘Take Your Time’ set to make its way into many playlists, Simon D James is without a doubt one to watch this summer.

George Millington