Norwegian-Swiss pop artist Red Moon makes her international music debut with ‘DOGMA’, out on 7 February, alongside an exquisite video that further illustrates the multiple creative dimensions of the artist.

‘DOGMA’ is an ethereal yet raw portrayal of the internal dialogue of a young generation conflicted by the idea of traditional ways of thinking. As Red Moon herself explains, “My question is: ‘can we live an unfiltered life?’ One where we can be open. It seems pretty unthinkable that it would be possible or make sense, since without all the knowledge and experience from ourselves and our ancestors, who would we even be? Can we be better? And I am not talking about the advanced technology that will bring us to a different level, but the spiritual levels, shared bonds and knowledge and understanding for each human…”

With her striking and powerful vocals at the forefront, the track combines hypnotic piano melodies with beautifully written lyrics. ‘DOGMA’ is a life-affirming pop track that not only captures the listener’s attention immediately, but also invites them into a safe space, just as the one Red Moon created for herself through her artistic name. She explains, “using a name that isn’t a real name makes me feel there are endless possibilities, and a safe place, where I can show my vulnerable sides”.

In the captivating new music video, Red Moon and her troupe of dancers begin with a delicate and dormant energy that explodes during the climax of the song, incorporating powerful movements symbolising the strength required to separate ourselves from what has traditionally been placed upon us to believe it’s true.

Conceived in the depths of Nittedal, a sleepy Norwegian town shrouded in forests, ‘DOGMA’ was born from a place of critical self-examination and genuine curiosity sparked by the artist’s experience of growing up in Nittedal juxtaposed with her experiences travelling the world.

The song revolves around the original meaning of Greek word ‘dogma’, which translates as “that which one thinks is true” or to seem good”. Throughout the track, Red Moon explores the possibility of ending preconceived notions and delves into the infinite platonic repercussions of removing life’s ‘dogmas’.

Red Moon is set to make her live debut at London’s Ja Ja Ja on 13 February, followed by another performance in Ja Ja Ja in Berlin on 16 April and Radar Festival in Zurich on 7 March.

George Millington