Rihanna is a pop star in pretty much every continent in the world. Also, you do not need to search for long online to find all of her achievements. But, she has now hit a new high by beating The Beatles and Jay-Z.

Furthermore, the ‘Umbrella’ singer has just overtaken the Liverpool 4 piece and Brooklyn’s own by earning more top 40 hits. Pretty good going for a singer who is still hugely in her prime. Also, she probably would have hit this milestone many years ago had she not set up her beauty line.

The news comes after RiRi made her music return after four years. Also, her new single ‘Believe It’ with PARTYNEXTDOOR is showing no signs of slowing on the billboard hot 100. Therefore, we could see the hitmaker in the top 10 very soon. But, fans are still eagerly awaiting her new album, and she has given hints at times that it is almost complete. Nevertheless, she is prioritising her ‘Fenty’ brand at the moment, and who can blame her? Especially, having seen the tremendous success in which Kylie Jenner had with hers.

So Where Does She Go From Here?

Well, the chances are that she will make more history once her new album comes out. I highly doubt that none of those tracks will make the top 40. Therefore, you best get your thinking cap on Jay-Z because RiRi is about to blow you out of the water. Although I doubt he will be hugely fussed. Especially, since he was a mentor for Rihanna at one point, therefore he can take some credit for her enormous success too. Also, I doubt Paul Mccartney and Ringo Starr will be too bothered either; let’s face it they still hold the top spot for being one of the biggest bands of all time.

Emily Harris