Over the last few weeks, the rich and powerful have come under the spotlight in regards to helping to fund the NHS. Furthermore, football fans have been claiming that stars like Ed Sheeran should be doing their bit also and not just premiership footballers who are taking pay cuts to help fight against COVID-19. However, should rich musicians do more? Probably, yes.

However, some of the worlds biggest clubs are using taxpayers money to pay their staff. It has come under immense scrutiny; even Piers Morgan has condemned it, stating that it is ‘Disgraceful’ for billionaire clubs like Liverpool, seeking British tax funds. He does have a point. The government is hugely stretched at the moment looking after the NHS nevermind paying the bills for clubs with billionaires collecting cobwebs in their wallets.

But, is it fair for fans to then state that musicians and other celebrities should be doing their bit also? Well, yes, but at the same time, a lot of the musicians are not relying on government funds. For example, Ed Sheeran has already confirmed that all of his restaurant staff will be receiving full wage without any furlough incentive. However, with a net worth of over 130 million, I doubt a couple of million to help protect more lives is going to hurt? After all, his fans are the reason he got to that level of income anyway. Therefore, it would be a tremendous gesture to give back.


But on the other side of the coin, footballers are wealthy enough as it is (if they are top-flight). Therefore should they stop accepting salaries in full until the outbreak ends? After all, musicians are not on a payroll, and their wealth is usually in assets. Therefore, it may be a little harsh for fans to accuse them of not helping out. Plus, they do donate to a lot of charities, and a lot of goodwill does happen behind closed doors.

What are your thoughts? Do you think rich musicians should do more?

George Millington