Meet Will Irvine, Jimmy Hunter, Chris Clarke and Gareth Thompson, the Scottish rockers who together make Hunter & The Bear, and they are the next biggest band to the big time since Twin Atlantic. The guys are releasing their new single ‘Chemical’ ahead of their upcoming tour in the UK.

The rockers, hailing from Glasgow in Scotland, have been making music since 2013 so for about 6 years now and have already acquired a massive following which will only get bigger and bigger before this year is out.

‘Chemica’l is only a few minutes long and is just an amazing listening pleasure.  Will and Jimmy’s vocals just fit the mood of the song perfectly. For those who love their rock music, it wouldn’t be at all surprising if you find yourself either miming or singing to it after just one minute. It is just one of those songs that you could play frequently and not get bored with and don’t be at all surprised if it was to receive national airplay this side of Christmas. This is one of those singles that can appeal to an all-ages audience.

The song itself is upbeat, energetic and is packed with guitar riffs, and along with raw vocals from both its lead singers and is one to listen out for. Have to say it but regardless of what you may think about the song it does make addictive listening.

Sadly, there isn’t an official video out yet but until then you can enjoy the song on a number of music streaming services.

Be sure to listen out for Hunter & The Bear over the coming months as they will be one of the next biggest things to keep both your eyes and ears pricked for, both this year and the next. The guys are about to go full-throttle.

George Millington