Selena Gomez has just dropped a new track ‘Feel Me’.

I always like to be honest, and I am not a huge fan of Selena’s other stuff, but I am digging this sound. I like it a lot. Also, with its club vibe and feel good rhythm, it does not come as a huge shock to see the quick success this is having.

The track is hugely relevant at the moment with ‘Nights get a little colder’ and having first heard this number on a cold and dark February walk home from the office, it hit home.

Having researched the track, it turns out it’s not actually as new as first thought. The song was first introduced back in 2016 on Gomez’s Revival World Tour. Furthermore, it was that much of a fan favourite at that time; it made its way onto the new album.


‘Feel Me’ kicks off with a deep vocal from Selena expressing how no one will love like she loves. Many people have been indicating that the song is about Justin Bieber. Which may be accurate, but I doubt Selena has put it out for a reaction from Bieber. I think it is just because it is such a favourite in the eyes of her loyal fan base.

The chorus hooked me in. It’s catchy and is everything which a pop chorus should be. The vocals are excellent too throughout the entire piece, and although it has been super polished, it still sounds fresh.

Overall, I think it’s an energetic track from Selena, and it is clear to see why it was such a favourite back in 2016. Also, people will always draw a link to Bieber on here, but I think it’s just a great song put out for the fans.

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George Millington