HAIM are back everybody! It is their first single of 2020, and they follow on from where they left off.

I was lucky enough to see this band when they were in the U.K., and I fell for them instantly. I have pretty much been hooked to them ever since, and they have not let me down with this new track ‘The Steps’.

It kicks off in true HAIM fashion with their ridiculously cool sounding guitars whirling around. They have used an excellent level of chorus effect on their lead which I like. Vocally, the track is on point throughout with the trio all delivering impeccably.

If I had to be completely honest which I will be, I do not think the track is their best but yet again, which band does always keep beating their best? The song for me does the job correctly, and it is what the doctor ordered.

Rawness shines through here, and I like that it has not undergone that commercial artificial sound you hear on a lot of tracks these days. But, HAIM do it their way, and they could probably record their music on an iPhone 8 for all I care, it would most likely still sound amazing.


I heard Danielle of HAIM state that the chorus is therapeutic and she is not wrong. It does have a soothing effect to it, and it hits you even further if you get behind the song and sing your heart out like I did after a few listens.

Great job, HAIM. I am ready for your next visit to the U.K. Get back here soon!

So, what are your thoughts to the new single by HAIM? What is your favourite by the L.A. ladies? Seen them live recently? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

Emily Harris