It’ll Be Okay’ by Shawn Mendes – Single Rating: 4/5 ★★★★☆

Shawn Mendes may have just broken up with Camila Cabello, but that hasn’t stopped him from surprising his fans with yet another musical treat! Furthermore, with ‘It’ll Be Okay’, the artist, who recently amicably split from his pop sweetheart, makes another giant step ahead.

The new release is a reflection of the emotions associated with letting go. It starts with a dreamy vibe, and Shawn doesn’t hold back, soaring through the mix with his exquisite vocal tones. He puts his heart and soul into every lyric he writes, and he does so beautifully! Soon after, a warm piano arrangement follows, adding even more intensity to the music.

In his instance, Shawn talks about imagining a world without his partner, Camila. He also demonstrates that not all relationships must end in tragedy. Furthermore, Shawn and Camila have separated their paths in the greatest possible way, with each other’s support and without any disdain! His honest phrasing hits home and brings hope to anyone going through a breakup.

Shawn is as bright as ever vocally, proving why he is one of the most appreciated male pop vocalists in recent memory. He pours his heart into each record, and this one is no exception. He also takes us on a journey from beginning to end, which feels authentic and adds to the uniqueness of the experience.

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Emily Harris